Marriage Counseling

  • We feel that marriage is a great responsibility which impacts on groom and bridegroom both. They should know each and every aspect of responsibility and consequences of marriages in long term.
  • In the present scenario, we see that coming generation are unaware about the marriage to responsibilities. Western life style has also impacted on their thought process. They are treating marriages like contract relationship where nobody would compromise for long term relationship. This type of thought process is destroying the age old marriage institution.
  • At our place we discuss all the necessary issues with both of them separately. We listen, mutual understand their views, their education level, understandings as well as we focus on their present social status etc. We treat them as our family members. SWOT analysis is a best analytical test for marrying couples.
  • The most effective aspect for long term union is greater understanding in all circumstances. Trust is another important factor which concretes the intimate relationship. Our healthy discussion and hopeful counseling make them confident about their future.
  • Our counseling is available for couples for remarriage, inter caste marriage, love marriage and even couples going for divorce
  • Marriages are made in heaven but we are responsible to make them happily bonded.