Marriage Registration

In India most of the peoples are unaware about the procedure, requirement and need of Marriage Registration. Marriage Registration is most essential part of marriage concern with the legal heir rights, property ownership and many things. Nowadays it has become necessary to married women to have authentic marital records to safeguard their interests in view of legal rights.

Indian Government has also tightened the marriage registration rules and made groom and bridegroom responsible for the registration in time.

In Maharashtra, Government has formed Marriage Registration Act 1998 amended on 2005 and made marriage registration compulsory. So every Marriage has to be registered within 90 days of time from the date of marriage without any reason.

Maharashtra Government has handed over the Marriage Registration Procedure to the Local Bodies who are also responsible for the registration of Birth and Death. So Municipal Corporations, Nagar Parishads, Grampanchayat etc. are the offices where you have to register your marriage.

Married couples have to submit their info in prescribed format enclosed with all necessary documents and submit those to appropriate local authority. They may require to be present personally with witnesses before the marriage officer for the purpose of verification and sign the forms.

Only Marriage Registration Authority appointed by the government has right to issue the Marriage Registration Certificate and nobody else can issue the same.

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